Sony A7r and a different approach.

All pictures - Sony A7r - 28-70mm zoom lens.

I'm finding that I'm shooting in a different way with the Sony A7r. Because of two things the camera does. Firstly because it has amazing resolving power and secondly because of the equally amazing ability to produce an image with a very large dynamic range. So instead of my normal practice of composing very tightly, I'm shooting a lot wider. I'm also not avoiding compositions with heavy shadow areas. 

So this results in images that have more signs of everyday life in them. Street furniture, parked cars and people. And I like the results very much. All of these pictures were taken in the old historic centre of Warwick, a place I've photographed many times, usually concentrating on the old buildings. But these pictures put those buildings into context much more. And I like that because it's not just presenting where I live as some kind of medieval theme park. I must admit I've grown a bit tired of 'Olde England World' and I thought it's about time I started producing some images that show a little more reality. I also think that it doesn't detract from the buildings and environment itself, but actually enhances them.

By doing this I am of course foregoing the ability to sell images as generic, royalty-free 'Mary Poppins' England, but I've got plenty of those anyway. So I'm very pleased with the picture at the top of the post. The buildings do have this 'Hogwarts' quality anyway and I think the people looking at them and the modern street context in which they sit makes the picture work. I have also been able to pull up the shadow areas so the scene is much more like it actually appears when I take it in with my eyes, rather than my camera. 

So an example of the gear I use and what it will do influencing my 'artistic vision' and there's nothing wrong with that. If we don't allow the possibility of change in ourselves and what we do then how can we respond to it when it's imposed on us? And I'm becoming more inclined to record the world as it is, rather than how some would want it to be.

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