Sony 28-70mm zoom - further update
Sony A7r 28-70mm zoom f/4

Brian Caslis who's also been looking at the 28-70mm as I have, posted this on Google+

'I did a quick test of houses across the street. At 28mm what I see is:
1.) Definitely sharper at the edges at f3.5 than f8.0. Very noticeable.
2.) OSS at f8.0 makes it worse at the edges. OSS at f3.5 doesn't seem to make much difference.
3.) f8.0 with no OSS is better than f8.0 with OSS but still not nearly as good as either case at f3.5.
I shot JPEG and RAW........ I don't see this behaviour at all at 70mm which is where more of my shots are. Also all were handheld.'

I'm pretty much getting the same. So the zoom gets worse in the corners when stopped down. Well at least that's different!

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