Shock News! Sony make decent kit lens - The 28-70mm and the Sony A7.

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I ike the Sony 28-70mm FE zoom, because it's really rather good. Too often Sony zooms have decentering or soft corners / soft edges problems, but this one is refreshingly free from both. It's not as sharp as a 'prime' prime but the images from raw sharpen up very nicely. By f/8, the aperture I'll probably be using the most, it delivers an excellent performance, helped certainly by the lens profile in Adobe Camera Raw, but since software 'correction' is virtually obligatory these days, not unusual. It's an internal zoom, so no 'tromboning' and it's decently made. As I indicated before, AF is fine with both the A7 and A7r and I really can't see what some reviewers have found to complain about in that regard. It's maybe not the fastest, but it's also far from the slowest and as I also wrote before it works very well in low light and that coupled with the brilliant EVF's on the Sony FE cameras means it's a pleasure to use in pretty much all circumstances. 

Conditioned by previous Sony zoom experiences, I wasn't expecting much, but felt I had to have an AF alternative for my FE cameras. I have however been pleasantly surprised and this lens is going to get a LOT of use. It's a great lens for landscape photography and in conjuction with my Nikons will give me some really top class options.

The A7's output is also very good indeed. It can be seen as the Nikon D600 to the D800E as the A7 is to the A7r. And since Sony makes both of those Nikon sensors, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to deduce these Sony FE sensor origins. Like the D600 there is a slightly softened output as compared to it's larger relative because of the AA filter, but unlike the D600 there is a sharper output here and the images have plenty of bite. Elsewhere there is the same excellent jpg. production, though again slightly softer than the A7r versions but the A7 files show the same dynamic range as those from the A7r. Unless like me you can gain some real advantage from the larger file size, then the A7 is certainly one to consider. You still get a huge file size in a cheaper body and the kit with the zoom is a really good buy, as far as I'm concerned. No bragging rights on the lens of course, but if you are more concerned about the badge on the barrel than actual performance, then that's your problem.

So a very successful real world experience and one carried out in very cold conditions and when I was having a visual migraine (too many late nights!!) and couldn't see that well. So the AF really came in handy. When my eyes did return to normal I was certainly very pleased with what I saw on my screen and was pleased I now own the pair of FE cameras. I have no regrets about buying either, in fact very much the opposite. I've been waiting for cameras like this for years and carrying the camera / lens / grip combination on a brisk uphill walk in pretty chilly conditions was no burden at all. My previous experiences with 24MP have been a Nikon D3X and NEX-7, somewhat different in size and weight. The A7 combines the best of both those other cameras for me with ease. The A7r is very definitely my camera of the year, but since it's still 2013 the A7 slots into the runner up spot quite nicely. 

You may feel that other gear is right for you, but without doubt these Sony FE's are as close to perfect and most boxes ticked cameras for me. Their great and overriding virtue is that they produce great images that need very little post-processing and will produce high quality saleable pictures with a lot less work than I'm used to and for that Sony deserve much praise.  

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