'Revolutionary' stuff from Fuji Manager


'He is reluctant to create full frame X series because XF lens would NOT be compatible with full frame camera. “If we launch the full frame body we have to launch the full frame lens too. So it is not good for X-series user.” So there are no plans just now to provide a full frame body."

'No plan “just now” of a X-PRO1 successor, so “we should improve the response of X-PRO1 by firmware upgrade.........Fujfilm will continue to support and improve its cameras via firmware update: “We want you to use our camera longer and longer in your life.'

'We want you to use our camera longer'???? Whatever Next? Though not quite sure how the X-E2 release fits into that philosophy. 

Still the concept of actually improving what you originally bought via firmware and not introducing new updated models every year (apart from the X-E2!!) is a 'revolutionary' and welcome concept. Now these guys don't just copy Leica styling then.

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