Response to post comments - or an excuse for another cat picture!!

There were some interesting responses to my post yesterday over on Google+ and I was writing a reply to some comments that I liked, so I'm publishing it here.

'I have to say I've never lost my enthusiasm for taking pictures and if I had to use one camera and lens from now on due to financial necessity I'd still be shooting every day as I do now. Even if I didn't particularly like what I was left with.

I would also have to admit that if I didn't have a dodgy back I would probably be walking around with some big FY DSLR monster and equally monstrous lenses. Because that's what I did until I was forced to consider whether I might like to continue living without a constant diet of painkillers. And I do find them 'sexy', though what that says about me is probably something I'll keep between me and my therapist!

However if smaller cameras do get people taking photographs then that bodes well for the survival of the 2-D still image. Apparently more pictures were taken in 2012 than in all previous years put together. Though how somebody came up with that statistic I can't imagine. While the bulk of these seem to be taken on mobile phones, and thus 'shared' with the security services of our respective nations, as indeed are all the above comments, I find it encouraging to see lot's of people taking photographs constantly. And this is something that has not been the case before.

Hopefully, that will mean more people take it up seriously and our obsession with  rectangles and their contents will advance and prosper. And hopefully our obsession with gear won't get in the way of that.'