PhotoMadd L-Plate Grips for the Fuji X Series

Yesterday I got my L-Plate grip for the X-Pro 1. I now have one for this camera and one for my X-E1 / X-E2.

These grips are imported into the UK by Matthew Maddock, Photographer and Blogger. He sells these to the UK and EU from his online shop. They are similar, but not the same, to the grips you can get in the US from Really Right Stuff. Whether Matthew can send to countries outside the EU I can't say. Send him an email??

I really like these grips. They allow access to the card and battery compartment, so you can leave the grip fitted at all times. And they really do give a solid, sturdy feel to the cameras. I've shown the X-Pro 1 fitted with my 55-200mm above and it really does make that camera / lens combination feel very solid and balanced. 

One of the concerns that I have about lots of mirrorless camera models is that they feel too light. There is no substitute for wedging the camera against your eye with a viewfinder and getting a good solid grip on the camera and lens. All this increases stability and you can get a 1-2 stop advantage in terms of shutter speed doing this, if you're careful, as opposed to holding the camera out in front of you. I've certainly practiced this long enough and can usually achieve something better than the usual shutter speed / focal length equation. i.e. 100mm lens / 1/100th. sec. 

These PhotMadd grips are also very well made and I particularly like the three finger section. It's very comfortable for me and no problem with the pretty substantial telephoto zoom. It also works well when I've got my Carry Speed loupe fitted for video. Again that extra bit of stability really works well.

So I'm pleased with this, as I have been with the previous one I bought. Matthew has them available for the X-Pro 1, X-E1/2 and a rather nice one for the X100/100s. They all currently cost £99. As before in my previous post, it's nice to give a plug to a fellow photographer and blogger who has also taken the trouble to set up this method of buying products like the grip. Too often we in the UK have to go through the hassle and delay of buying things like this from other countries and it's a nice change to be able to get something like this easily.

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