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Continuing my posts on female photographers, I thought I would write about one of the legends of my particular photographic speciality - Stock Photography. With total downloads of over 1,200,000 images and a yearly income in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, Lise Gagne is one of the most successful stock photographers ever. Creating lifestyle and business images she was the first 'Microstock Superstar' who proved that this form of picture selling could be both lucrative AND creative.

You've all seen images like this, but Lise was one of the first to see the possibility in these positive, graphic images that can be used anywhere and just sell and sell and sell. It takes imagination and a whole lot of craft to produce images this perfect and many of her best sellers have sold tens of thousands of times. She may not make it to any artistic 'hall of fame' but it's testament to what you can do starting off taking self-portraits with a cheap Canon Rebel, determination and the ability to seize an opportunity.