Fuji 60mm f2.4 R Macro revisited

When I bought my first X-Pro 1 back in Spring 2012 I bought the three primes to go with it. The 18mm, 35mm and the lens pictured above the 60mm Macro. I've just received my second 'free' one after a wait, from the X-Pro 1 + 18mm package deal. Now I do very little macro work, in fact pretty much none at all, but it's a nice medium telephoto / long standard focal length. The model I've owned before however was somewhat reluctant to focus with any speed and this one is the same. Now this isn't untypical as many macro lens have very slow AF performance, but the 60mm also has this annoying habit of constantly defocusing quite a long way and then moving back to focus properly. The firmware update on the lens and the better AF on the X-E2 means it still does this, it just does it faster! It is quite irritating and I can't see it doing the lens much good in the long run. If anyone knows of a way to eliminate this, I'd be really grateful if you could let me know. 

Performance wise it's a good sharp lens and I've always liked the way it looks, with it's massive hood. By the way, does anyone else have trouble with Fuji hoods? Both this one and the one for my 55-200mm aren't exactly easy to lock into position. 

I haven't had the chance to give it a good workout yet and I'm intending to use it as part of a two lens kit paired with the 18mm. I still think that a non-macro prime around this length is missing from the Fuji lens line up though. There is the 56mm f/1.2 coming, but it would be nice to have something a bit longer. A 90mm f/2.8 would be great but I'm not holding my breath. I do like the 55-200mm, but it would be useful to have something lighter and faster.  

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