Battery grip for the Sony A7r

Sony have always made these unusual looking battery grips for their cameras and the one
for the A7 / A7r follows that trend. It's also over half the size of the camera itself and adds
some serious real estate to the camera. The grip itself holds two batteries and part of the grip fits into the battery compartment. The advantage of this is that you can leave the grip permanently attached without having to remove it to get at a battery in the camera when it needs charging, which happens with other cameras. The batteries get charged by connecting a lead to the camera anyway, but I've bought an external charger as well. There is a shutter button on the grip for shooting vertically plus one thumb wheel and one function button (C1) which duplicates what's on the camera. In my case this is manual focus magnification which is useful for focusing when holding the camera vertically.

The grip does feel somewhat unusual and I went out with it yesterday to see how it worked in practice. I can't deny that the camera does feel different to others with battery grips attached. It is very thin and the grip is wider at the base. The sculpted area for the fingers is also somewhat different in feel also. Overall though I found it comfortable and useful for shooting. Holding the camera vertically was also a lot better and more secure.

The great advantage is of course the extra battery and that extra power means I can shoot for longer and for me the two batteries probably mean I could shoot all day with the camera. 

Some will find it too heavy and bulky, but it's still small and light for a 35mm / 'Full Frame' sensor camera and it is of course very useful for any kind of 'professional' shooting. And since the A7r is obviously going to be used for that, it's an important consideration. 

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