What the f.... What on earth is up with Canon?

Did I miss the announcement? The one where Canon declared that they were basically giving up and were going to just continually loose sales year by year and become Pentax? In a pretty hectic 6 months in which we've seen lots of camera announcements and releases, the A7r, X-E2, E-M1, Df, RX10, RX100s, Nikon 1 AW to name just a few, all of which offer some kind of innovation and at least a talking point, what do Canon give us? A white version of one of their cheap DSLR's.

They are using old designs, old sensors and presumably believing that their name and reputation will carry them through. I would have thought that the EOS M non-event would have let them know that isn't going to work. Are Canon becoming the new IBM? Do they really think that mirrorless and retro is a passing fad and that we will all come flocking back to DSLR's when we have seen the error of our ways? Because if they don't what on earth can explain this total lack of innovation or even decent renewal? Some sites have stopped reviewing new Canon camera models because they are so similar to the previous ones. Just changing the name really isn't good enough.

They make decent enough cameras and they do the job. Some professionals and lots of enthusiasts are wedded to the name. But aren't most of them just the slightest bit disappointed that Canon have become the John Major of camera manufacturers. Dull, complacent and always around. 

Before writing this I decided that I'd better check to see if I was missing something. So I downloaded a few 5D Mk III raw files. And there it was, the reason I ditched Canon some years ago and am probably never going to buy a Canon again. The same dull colours, softish files and lenses riddled with CA and fringing. This sensor is remember Canons biggest, 22MP, less than lots of APS-C cameras these days. OK they do make sturdy pro cameras that will probably last forever, they have a great professional network and a comprehensive lens range, but not everybody wants that. If they just count on their pro users to keep making them money then they will be making a mistake, there just aren't enough of them. 

So what can they offer us? Who knows. All I see is the constant recycling of the same old designs with the same old stuff inside them. And yes they make them smaller and they have discovered other colours apart from black, but its a pretty paltry attempt at exciting the market. So is there something around the corner to get our pulses racing? Or is it just going to be more of the same? The question is of course, if they keep going like this, will anybody care?

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