The Fuji X / Photo Ninja 'look'

My first post about Photo Ninja processing for the Fuji X sensor was called 'A walk on the wild side' and one of the reasons I took to it immediately was that files processed this way are unlike any digital camera files I've ever created before. This 'look' is best described as somewhere between a film scan and a Leica CCD file from a camera like the M8 or M9, with a bit of the Sigma Foveon sensor thrown in, though somewhat 'grittier'. It's a cliche to describe them as having a 'film look' but in essence that is what it is. Nowhere near as 'clean' as a typical CMOS / Bayer file, but with loads of rich saturated colour, contrast and an overall 'punch' that gives the files an attention-grabbing sheen.

Regular readers will know that's how I like my images to look anyway, but for the first time I've got this without having to do a lot of post-processing and it's nice to have this as pretty much the 'default' look. 

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