Soundimageplus Camera of the year - The contenders - 2. Panasonic G6

Whether or not the G6 wins this year, it probably should have an award for the most underrated camera of the year. With all the fuss about the GX7 and E-M1 this little m4/3 marvel seems to get almost totally ignored. Maybe if Panasonic had  called it the GH2.5, then it would have got more attention, since that probably better describes it's position in the Panasonic hierarchy. Plus if I had an award for the camera / lens kit of the year then the G6 / 14-140mm lens would win hands down.

It really is a superb camera and in terms of specs. is only marginally down on the GH3 and in fact because it has focus peaking, could be said to be better in some ways. With the Panasonic goodies like spot AF, electronic shutter and fully articulating screen it gives the E-M1 a run for it's money. And of course it has video options that are bettered by the GH3 only if you want to shoot full-blown movies or television footage, and even then the G6 would be able to do the job. Plus unlike the GX7 it has an OLED viewfinder.

You can see my review and user experience HERE to check out what it can do and as you can tell, I'm VERY impressed. If I could only have one lens and one camera to do what I do, then at this moment in time I would have no hesitation in choosing the combination in the picture. It's not sexy, which probably explains it's lack of attention, but it's one hell of a camera and arguably the best all-rounder and best value m4/3 camera ever produced. For me, it's that good. 

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