Sony A7r, Fuji X-E2, Panasonic GH3 - DOF and Noise comparisons.

On the question of how the A7r affects the Panasonic GH3 and X-E2 I have, I thought it might be nice to work with the three formats for a while, since all offer different things.

Below are some comparisons illustrating that difference.

Firstly Depth of Field. This is a comparison between -

Sony A7r - Nikon 28mm - ISO 1600 - 1/30th. sec. at f/5.6

Fuji X-E2 - 18-55mm zoom at 18mm - ISO 1600 - 1/30th. sec. at f/5.6

Panasonic GH3 14-140mm zoom at 14mm - ISO 1600 - 1/30th. sec. at f/5.6

Below are some blowups to show how each camera / sensor renders ISO 1600 on a standard OOC jpg.

I'm happy with each format and combination, each has it's own advantages and drawbacks. As I have written many times, I'm far less enthusiastic about the limited depth-of-field of a 35mm / 'Full-frame' sensor than many others. However, I've used this format with film and digital and it's by some distance the format I've used most as a photographer, so I'm familiar with it and know how to get what I want out from it.

All the cameras produce top-class results, I enjoy using all of them and each leads me into a different creative direction. It will be nice to have the options, though how long this lasts, who knows. 

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