One of my favourite ever pictures.

This was going to be part of my Fuji 55-200mm lens review but I thought this picture, that I took yesterday, deserved it's own post. That lens however has just created one of my favourite ever pictures. I'm really pleased with the shot of the old gentleman walking down the path through the arch, through lines of sun and shade towards the black door in the distance. Shot at a local stately home, the interpretations that can be put on this are numerous, but my overwhelming impression is one of sadness when I view it. I kept the focus on the arch, so that the figure is out of focus which adds to the poignancy of the image for me. It was one of those moments, taken on a freezing cold day, when all those instincts and a sense of timing combined with the gear I was using to create something special. I took a few shots of the same thing, but this is by far the best and I'm actually really rather proud of it.

It does of course have all kinds of stock photography uses e.g. age, journey through life, end of life, good times and bad, death etc. etc. but I was thinking of none of that when I reacted to what was in front of me. It is good to be using a telephoto zoom again, and I love the ability to 'pull in' shots like this and concentrate on a small part of what I see. It is, of course, also important to remind myself as often as possible that this is what it's all about. Cameras and lenses may come and go, but one image with 'soul' created with the passion and commitment that makes me want to do this every single day of my life is worth the whole lot put together.

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