Fuji X-E2 - Review and User Experience - Part 3 - Video

One thing that Fuji cameras have had a problem with is video. The X-E1 footage was somewhat disappointing. The X-E2 doesn't have lots of options - 1920 x 1080 (60p, 30p), 1280 x 720 (60p, 30p) - and other reviews / previews have regarded the video option as an afterthought. However I think you will see from the example I shot yesterday with my 18-55mm lens that this is now rather good. As usual, I shot it hand held, and the stabilisation from the lens is nothing short of sensational. The quality is also much improved. I used the 1080 60p option and while the footage falls short of the Panasonic GH3 in quality, as a simple way of shooting very good hand held footage for non-broadcast use this definitely has its uses. Its not as if the X-E2 with an added microphone and Carry Speed viewfinder doesn't look the part. It does.

The mic. in socket is the small variety and I had to add the adapter you see above to get my Rode mic. to fit, but I was stunned by just how well the OIS in the 18-55mm zoom worked. The best I've ever used. (I seem to be writing that quite a lot about the X-E2) 

For my video uses, it really is impressive. I will be shooting more client based video next year, but like many this is destined for the internet. I'm not going to be shooting movies or footage for television and the ability to shoot hand-held is much more important for me than any 'broadcast quality.' 

Now this is another improvement over the X-E1, and while video implementation is obviously not a priority for Fuji. Its now very usable.

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