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Please be aware also that this is not a forum or anything like it. If you have it in your head to promote an agenda or make any criticisms then you can expect your post to be deleted and find yourself blocked from making comments.

I'm a working photographer and this blog is written for my own amusement and the entertainment of others who read it. If you want a 'proper' review site then I suggest to go to Dpreview or Imaging Resource who are both far better at it than I am.

Here you will get my personal experiences of using gear and how it fits in with what I do. It is subjective rather than objective and its WYSIWYG. I would add that What You See Is All You Get is more appropriate.

Please do not ask me to test things I never use or provide you with information so you can decide what to purchase. If what I write helps you to a decision like that, then fine, but as ever I would recommend that you read a variety of opinions before making your choice. Plus the amount of time I can spare to post things here is all the time I can spare and if you want me to test or comment on something else then I would be happy to do that at my normal non-commercial daily rate which is currently £400 + expenses.