The Nikon DF(?) is slowly emerging from the shadows.

Nikon don't do 'teaser' campaigns like this very often. But maybe they should do more of them. Their series of videos for the Nikon DF (Digital Fusion? Digital F?) is attracting a lot of attention, most of it positive. 

So what are we getting? Well it seems that Nikon are finally deciding to mine their history and give us some version of the small pre-digital SLR's they produced in the 70's, 80's and 90's. There was talk of it being a mirrorless camera, but it seems its not. it has a mirror, a pentaprism and no video apparently. Its being packaged with a 50mm f/1.8, which looks very small but doesn't seem to have an aperture ring. There is also talk of a hybrid OVF / EVF viewfinder, which I'm hoping isn't true, and if it does have a mirror I'm not sure how that would work anyway. Most sources indicate the D4 sensor, which is good news and the ad videos seem to indicate a simpler camera, which is also good. 

So will it have an AF motor to focus D lenses and what will be the method for aiding manual focusing? The white dot system is actually very good and accurate so I'd hope to see that retained. I'd also hope it takes all the old Nikon AIS lenses etc. and from the way its being marketed that is hopefully the case.

The real question is whether Nikon are serious about this or are just intent on releasing some premium price special edition for well-heeled retro heads. I hope that isn't the case as I firmly believe they have a huge untapped market for this. And yes I can imagine the average age of a buyer for this is pretty high, but then who's got all the disposable income?

I'm very intrigued by it and am hoping it won't be too compromised. Like everybody else I guess I'm hoping for my particular take on it. Basically something smaller, lighter and classier than current Nikon DSLR's, and something that will give both my AF G and Series E lenses a good home. We'll see soon enough I guess. Time for a 'leaked' picture round about now?

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