Sony A7r - No 'Leica Killer' then.

Lots of talk when the A7r was announced about how this was going to be a 'Leica killer', and it was going to be a cheaper (and / or better) alternative to an M series camera. However it seems that the A7r suffers from the same problem as the A7 and the NEX-7 in that there is severe vignetting and a colour cast on wide m-mount lenses. The above link is to a Dutch photographer who tried 3 Voigtlander lenses on the camera.

Shame really since the pictures are VERY sharp in the centre. So the different photosite configuration in the A7r doesn't seem to make any difference. There is of course no obligation on Sony's part to make this happen. Leica on the M9 had an in camera software solution to this problem and presumably Sony would have to come up with the same, which they of course probably have no intention of providing, and I can understand that. It does however rule out a quality lens option, which does make the number of top of the range lenses that can be used on the A7r, and take advantage of the sensor, shrink somewhat. There are software solutions to the problem, Cornerfix is one and I came up with my own version in Photoshop, but I suspect a lot of people won't bother. Plus there is still a quality loss in the corners no matter what you do. 

I haven't as yet seen any examples of DSLR / SLR lenses used on the camera, and I'm assuming that they will probably be OK, but this size sensor doesn't have the luxury of the APS-C crop and the mirrorless design could cause problems for lenses designed for film cameras. 

Now I'm not sure that they were particularly worried in Solms about Sony stealing some of their customers, but I guess they won't take the news badly. So it seems if you want the full benefits of m-mount lenses then the red dot is still the best alternative. Order is restored in the photographic universe!!!

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