More thoughts on the Sony A7 / A7r

More thoughts on the new Sony. This was in reply to a comment on a Google+ forum and I thought I'd publish it here.

ASP-C ILCs will feel the squeeze at the top end.
My reply

Yesterday 22:51
Well maybe. But I think we have to see what lenses emerge. Fast (ish) zooms are relatively big for the Fuji system and lenses like the 18-200mm zoom for NEX are huge. The new Sony can get away with some relatively small fast primes, but at the telephoto end, where of course you don't get the benefit of the smaller sensor, the lenses are likely to be big and heavy as well.

Then there is the cost. People buy the best camera system they can afford within the budget they have allocated for that. A relatively small decent system for the Sony is probably going to be £3000+ if you want the 36MP model. You can get a lot of NEX, Fuji X or m4/3 for that kind of money, plus access to more extensive lens systems.

There will I'm sure be an enthusiastic group of early adopters who will make a lot of noise on the forums etc. but this is a camera system that has little appeal for the snapshooter, the occasional photographer or even the aspiring enthusiast. Its just too expensive. Others who are already committed to other systems may also hesitate to move to this because as ever, its going to take years to get a decent lens range in place and few people are prepared to go the adapter route for either a-mount lenses (again big, heavy and expensive) or MF lenses from other manufacturers.

The price is reasonable though not particularly attractive and at least its less than the ridiculously overpriced RX1, which will now probably nose dive in terms of S/H value which should please the people who bought it (NOT!) It strikes me as more of a "Look what we can do' exercise from Sony and a pointer to the future. I think the main problem is what they do with their other systems. Where does this leave their DSLT's, the NEX system and as I mentioned before the RX1's? Sony seem to a certain extent to use a scattergun approach slinging this stuff out and checking later to see if they have hit anything. Personally, I think the more important camera they release tomorrow is the RX100 type 1" sensor camera with the equivalent of a 24-200mm f/2.8 lens. Now that should be something to see.

More specs. and pictures - HERE. The Zeiss 70-200mm f/4 is 840g. So this is pretty much going to be Sony's new DSLR type system, just a bit smaller and lighter. So rumours of this being a game changer are of course grossly overstated. The consequence of a 35mm sized sensor was always going to impact on telephoto lenses and zooms. 840g for an f/4 lens. Hmmmmm...........



More comments and thoughts after the camera(s) announcements.

Incidentally, I have pre-ordered both the A7r body and RX10. 

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