Leica X Vario - Reassuringly Expensive


OK. The photographic internet is really the camera owning internet. No one is interested in Photography or pictures. Its all about purchasing decisions, showing off what you've bought, partisan camera brand support, oneupmanship and rubbishing anyone who thinks differently to you or buys and uses something you don't. So if you can't beat em, join em.

This is a Leica X Vario. Its expensive, which means that the Chavs can't afford it. Great. 

It also takes great pictures but that's by the by and nobody's interested in that. So lets get to the important part, what it will do that nothing else will? so I can flaunt it and demonstrate my excellent taste and ability to buy and use the right stuff. Like the above camera. Did I mention it's expensive?

The picture below is currently sitting on a picture library website.

It was shot at ISO 4000, yes that's right, ISO 4000 and its sharp and virtually noiseless. Plus just to make it even more impressive I upsized it to 36MP. Its still sharp and noiseless. Try doing that with your (cheap) m4/3 cameras.

People criticise Leica owners for buying expensive cameras, which is strange, whats to criticise? I've got more money than you and I'm going to tell you all about it, what's wrong with that? Jesus, where have these people been living for the past years? 

Its hand made in Germany right. Its metal, its real cool looking and above all its expensive, did I miss that bit out? So its obviously superior in almost every way to those plastic, made somewhere in the far east, everybody's got one, snapshot cameras that all these people on forums pretend are actually any good. Problem is, I know it and they know it, they're not. Bit like owning a Fiat Uno and pretending its as good as a Ferrari. Shame really, and a bit sad. People should really know their place, but with the internet everybody seems to think that their pathetic excuses for buying this cheap tat might interest somebody else. Shame it doesn't. 

There were of course all sorts of criticisms of the X Vario, well that's not not surprising is it? It all means - I can't afford it. Same kind of thing as saying being a Millionaire doesn't make you happy. Well if it doesn't it certainly makes the misery a lot more tolerable!

So I use this camera because I can afford it, because its reassuringly expensive. And yes I know there might be some who take issue with what I write, but then they would wouldn't they? (Fiat Uno etc.) In the immortal words of Ken Rockwell 'If you've got it you might as well flaunt it.'

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