Fast Kodak glass for m4/3 !!!

Well here's a surprise. Fast Kodak branded manual focus lenses for m4/3.

Kodak 25mm f/0.95

'Upon a quick test of this Kodak-branded Sakar lens, we were surprised by how well it seems to perform at f0.95.'

'The build quality seems to be on par with the optical performance. Being an all-manual lens, we found both the focusing and aperture rings to run quite smoothly. The barrel of the lens seems to be made of metal, at least thats what the finish felt like.'

'As for the price point, we were told it will be around US-$ 400, which if true would be an incredibly competitive price compared to the Voigtländer and SLR Magic options.'

Kodak 50mm f/1.1

'This lens as well seems to be very well-built, and we found the operation of both the focusing and the aperture rings to be very smooth and comfortable.'

'At f1.1, the lens is very soft, which could actually work very nicely for portraiture.'

'This lens will be priced similarly to the 25mm f0.95, which makes it another very interesting option for Micro Four Thirds photographers'

Some samples on the Phoblographer site.

Not sure anyone spotted this coming. Interesting to say the least.

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