The virtues of m4/3 - Panasonic GX7 Video

Following on from my previous post, this is a Panasonic promotional video for the GX7. It features Ian Berry, who is one of the greats of British and World photojournalism. And yes its a Panasonic tie-in, and he was most likely given the camera and / or paid to do it. But its obvious that the GX7 works for him. 

This obsession with a 35mm sized sensor, is as far as I'm concerned, just that, an obsession. Yes it has certain advantages in certain situations but it also has disadvantages as well. I've posted this video to show that a respected and talented photographer is perfectly happy with what m4/3 can offer and that any notion that we are all just kicking our heels waiting for the larger sensor just isn't the case. Lots of photographers who make a living from their efforts use whatever they think is the right format for the job and its only a blinkered few who think that all the answers come from one type of camera. 

Go to any studio run by a successful commercial photographer and you'll see a variety of options in terms of cameras, formats and lenses. Back in film days, photographers, including those who shot for the most prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Paris Match etc. would use a variety of equipment, often for the same job. And as I'm fond of saying on a regular basis, a closed mind on the gear we use is a sure sign of a closed mind on the kind of pictures we take.


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