Panasonic GH3 - 14-140mm (Mk II) - Weymouth Harbour

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One thing that is important for stock photographers is how to cope with weather that doesn't turn out how you like. If I come to a location that I can't easily return to, then if the sun doesn't shine, as it didn't yesterday, I make sure I have an alternative plan to come away with successful and commercial shots.

Digital photography has two advantages over film for dull weather shots. Firstly the difference between shots taken in sunlight and isn't as great and secondly you have Photoshop! Its also important to pick subjects that don't necessarily need sunlight to make them work. Plus there is a good side to flat light. You can shoot from all angles without having to encounter the problem of shadows.

It is possible in Photoshop to counter some of the flat light problems, Boost the contrast, 'warm up' the colour balance and overexpose a little. By doing the latter you can 'burn out' the grey cloud and even add a little blue to the sky as I've done above.

Its not ideal of course, but it does work and I've sold an awful lot of images shot this way. However I'm obviously hoping for an improvement in the weather. There are some conflicting forecasts, which say its either going to get brighter or stay much the same, in which case I will not be happy since the longer range forecast indicated a warm sunny week. Its certainly warm, almost muggy, but its now Monday morning and I haven't seen the sun at all since Saturday afternoon when I arrived. When I shot film I used to call it 'suicide light' and I do hate this windless grey light. However I have no alternative but to make the best of it. 

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