Panasonic GH3 14-140mm lens - Video

Panasonic GH3 14-140mm lens - 100% hand held.

For the kind of video I shoot I need a camera that allows me to hand hold, is light and causes no problems for shooting stills. Yesterday I went out with my GH3, 14-140mm and 7-14mm lens plus Carry Speed Viewfinder and Blackrapid Sport Strap. It was, considering the size, a pretty light outfit. I like the viewfinder and as you can see it allowed me to shoot with a good degree of stability. I'm also finding I like it for stills too. Its the size of the image in the viewfinder that's useful. It allows me to look round the frame to check the composition and again gives a very stable platform.

Yesterday was a 'practice' session really as I'm driving to the south coast today. Next week is supposed to be a last burst of summer, so I'm hoping to take advantage of that before the Autumn sets in.

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