Panasonic GH3 + 14-140mm (2nd.Version) Zoom - 'Broadchurch' - m4/3 thoughts.

As you can see, yesterday the sun came out (Eventually!) As this -

Gave way to this.

At 2:30PM I finally saw the sun again after three days and there was a beautiful afternoon and early evening. I got busy and in fact got on my bike to photograph the first location.

Eagle-eyed UK TV viewers will recognise this as West Bay, Bridport. This was where much of the Scandinavian Noir copycat murder serial with David Tennant and Olivia Award Ceremony was shot. Yes this is Broadchurch!

This was followed by some cliff walking.

Finishing up with this splendid view of Chesil Beach, Weymouth and the Isle of Portland.

All was accomplished with my Panasonic GH3 and the 14-140mm Mk II zoom lens which is impressing me more and more.  

Hopefully more of the same weather today.


It's often true that a seemingly small change can influence how I regard a camera system. The 14-140mm (2nd. Version) is a case in point. I've wanted a small, light, high quality 'superzoom' for as long as I can remember. And now I've finally got one. It's a great lens, a significant improvement on the previous Panasonic version.

There's a review etc. of the Olympus E-M1 on Luminous Landscape.  In that piece (Do read it) Michael Reichmann writes this:-

Yes, camera makers like Canon are making ever smaller DSLRs, but they have ever smaller viewfinders. But the one thing that they can't really make smaller are the lenses. For this a smaller sensor is needed.........

'The MFT advantage used to be smaller cameras and smaller and lighter lenses. Now the body size advantage has been challenged, but the lens size advantage remains, and always will, MFT used to mean some compromises when it came to image quality, but those days are past.'

And this really is the point of m4/3. Other manufacturers make excellent mirrorless cameras. Sony, Fuji and even Samsung, but whenever a decent zoom lens appears, particularly in that 'superzoom' or telephoto catergory, its huge. Look at the 18-200mm equivalents for Sony and Samsung and you'll see what I mean. Whereas m4/3 is able to make high quality zooms (and fast primes) that don't break our backs. 

I don't get out of the car at a layby and take pictures, I don't work in a studio, I'm not static or confined to one place when I take photographs. I'm out and about, often walking (or cycling) some distance, up and down hills on all sorts of terrain. The weight of my camera / lens outfit is very important to me. As of course is quality. Currently the best compromise (and everything in this area IS a compromise) I can get is the 14-140mm paired with a GH3 or G6. Yesterday for the cycling bit I carried the GH3 + 14-140mm with no problems whatsoever, just slung diagonally over my shoulder. For the cliff walk it was just as easy. No changing lenses, no fancy harnesses just to cope with the weight. I was able to concentrate on what's important, taking pictures. Last year at this time I was using a Nikon D800E + 28-300mm for this kind of work. And no what I'm using now can't compare with the quality I got from that combination. But it's not as far off as you might think and the ease of use far outweighs any pixel disadvantage.

I hope I'm finally over the 'I've got to use this no matter what, because its got more resolution' dilemma I've always faced, and if yesterday is anything to go by, then I might just be getting there. Using the Nikon 1 system put a smile on my face, however looking at some of the images on the screen when I attempted to upsize the images I took with it tempered that smile somewhat, but with the pictures I'm currently taking with this m4/3 system, that's not an issue. I do seem to always be coming back to m4/3, despite my adventures with other systems. Every time I do return, it's gotten better and this time is no different. Hopefully, this time I'll stick with it. Who knows, I may even decide finally that I will do what I wanted to do some years ago and use the system exclusively. However, I know what I'm like and I can't say that with any certainty. Yesterday, though, was one the most enjoyable days shooting I've had for a while, and the pictures were certainly everything I hoped for. And that will do for now.

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