Nikon 1 AW1 Waterproof, Shockproof Camera

Well here's two surprises. Firstly the camera itself, and Secondly its seems to be meeting with almost universal approval. 

I will add my positive comments as well. I liked the Nikon 1 system, so much so that I owned and used two Nikon 1 bodies and had virtually all the lenses, I did use it a lot. In the end I was unsure about where the system was going and an upgrade path, liked other camera / lens combinations better and wondered if all that innovation and technical expertise that went into it would ever produce something capable of exploiting it.

Well, I needn't have worried. This is a great idea and a really great 'sideways' option for the system. This really gives Nikon 1 a unique place in the camera market. A regulation camera, with no need for fancy underwater housings that you can use in bad weather and carry anywhere. Plus two lenses that have the same go everywhere, in any weather construction.

I can already think of lots of uses for this and I'm looking at pre-order options already. I wasn't alone in liking the system very much but feeling that Nikon were missing a trick here. The whole system is geared for speed and with the 1'' sensor not capable of producing great results at high ISO's, it was always an outdoors camera already. It now becomes perhaps the ultimate outdoors camera, Extreme sports fans and photographers are going to love this. Only downside I can see is the battery. Not the most powerful, and considering where you might go with this, that's not good. I've never tried to change a battery underwater!!

There is of course one other disadvantage of the camera. We're going to get an awful lot of pictures of peoples legs in swimming pools!!

However, all in all, nice one Nikon.

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