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Yet another community on Google+ has seen fit to prevent me from posting links to this blog. So as before I'm creating another one of my own. See links above.

I don't know exactly why I have been removed since whoever did it didn't have the courtesy to contact me. It was a community for users of Lumix G Cameras.

However I've now created this one and would welcome anyone who uses, has used or is interested in the Micro Four Thirds format. In contrast to the other tight a***d people who run the groups that seem to dislike what I post, on this group you are welcome to post whatever you would like, with the usual provisos that you don't post anything obscene, don't criticise other posts or members, post spam, keep it civilised and post material, links, opinions etc. that are about the m4/3 system.

You are free to just post links to your own blog, your own website or use it as a way to promote your photography. My intention, as before, is to keep it as flexible as possible. There won't be any catergories, as I'm not going to add any, nor appoint any more moderators, who might be inclined to do that.

The Nikon 1 and Fuji X groups are doing well and I hope you will treat it as an opportunity, to post your work, your thoughts and anything else you think would be of interest to others who have an interest in m4/3.

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