Leica X Vario

From Kirk Tuck:-
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'Case in point: I love the look and the feel and the files of the Leica Vario X. So much so that when I handled it with the EVF attached I was seconds away from buying one on the spot. I'd owned many film Leica cameras and loved every one of them. But I walked away and took a breath. As I thought about the way I liked to shoot I admitted to myself that I almost always shoot wider than this camera's apertures would allow. Especially in the focal length range in which I like to shoot. 70 to 90mm f2.0-2.8 is my sweet spot. I knew this camera wasn't for me. But... Ming Thein wrote about it so eloquently that I wished it were.'

From Ming Thein

From Me
'However my 'personal' camera is the classiest thing I've ever owned with a shutter button, but nobody wants to know.'


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Sunday Afternoon, Warm and Sunny


Leica X Vario

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