Leica X Vario - Carry Speed Viewfinder

I'm sure nobody at Carry Speed or indeed Leica would expect to see this.

My Leica X Vario is not something you would normally see kitted out for video. However I have my reasons for trying this. As you can see from the short video at the top of the page, using the Carry Speed does give reasonable stability to shooting video. Remember the X Vario has no camera or lens stabilisation whatsover. Considering its the hardest situation to get a stable image I was impressed by how steady it was. 

I guess we shouldn't be surprised at the inclusion of video in Leicas. Their cameras have been at the forefront of photojournalism for years and video is now very much a part of that. The Leica M gets a pretty severe rubbishing for video, but one of the best videos I've seen recently and exactly what I'm talking about was shot with the Leica M (Typ 240). 

The internet is a whole new place to see video which isn't (quite) commercial broadcast quality but still has a huge audience and massive untapped potential. I can see the growth of internet video becoming much more widespread and important both artistically and in terms of documentary and reportage work. Most of this has no need to be seen in a movie theatre or on television and there is no reason whatsover why Leicas shouldn't be used for that.

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