In praise of the Panasonic GH3

Thought I'd get this post in today, since tomorrow is Olympus E-M1 launch day. Can't actually see what surprises are in store, since this must have set records for the extent of the leak, but m4/3 fans will probably have their interests elsewhere. I've put together this brief post since my (free, part of a promotion) battery grip arrived this morning. It occurred to me that much of what the E-M1 offers is already with us and has been for some time.

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I've deliberately photographed the camera with my 50mm Series E f/1.8 lens, because attaching Nikon Manual Focus primes in front of a m4/3 sensor was one of the reasons I got into the system in the first place. Also I think its a nice contrast using an old (in photographic terms) lens on what is after all a VERY modern camera. 

The GH3 always looks huge in pictures, but in practice its not that big, and certainly not that heavy. I won't go into what it will do again (see above) but it is a very impressive camera. As I've indicated in previous posts, this is my second, and due to a combination of circumstances I sold my previous one but regretted it immediately. Now I'm reunited with the model, I'm very happy with what it does and how it works. Next year, if things go according to plan, I will be shooting a lot more video, so that's one of the reasons I was keen to re-buy it. I'm sure the E-M1 is a great camera, but the GH3 suits me just fine. It does have the advantage of better video options (if the E-M1 leaked specs. are accurate) so that's going to be quite important.

For the next few days this camera is going to get lost in E-M1 fever, and I thought it might be a nice idea to write about how much I like it before that happens. Particularly since, like Fuji X fans, Olympus users tend to be somewhat 'robust' in their support of their brand. However the GH3 is a terrific camera and something that I could only dream about when the G1 first appeared. It IS a real alternative to a DSLR, and in many ways surpasses what that type of camera can do. Roll on the GH4!


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