Everything thats wrong with the Photographic Internet in one post

43Rumors posted a link to some wonderful (but harrowing and brutal) images by Moises Saman of Magnum.

But just read the comments at 43Rumors. Its all about about the camera he used and is full of ridiculous squabbling. Sometimes I want to throw my modem out the window. Is this the best 'photography enthusiasts' can come up with? Bickering about cameras.

Moises Saman's pictures however are ghastly, wonderful, frightening and emotional. Showing the best of us and the worst of us, from a photographer who clearly illustrates just what a powerful medium and art form photography can be. 

Personally I'd like to dump all those prats who have nothing better to do than argue about their purchasing decisions slap bang in the middle of what he's photographing and see how prepared they are to carry on talking complete b******s and rubbishing anyone who doesn't share their nonsensical views about what camera and lenses they use. 

On the photographic internet (or rather the camera owning internet) appreciation of great photography seemingly went down the plughole ages ago. 

Moises Saman shows us all what cameras and lenses are for. And its not to gain some pathetic one-upmanship on a forum.

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