Cycling with Panasonic G6 and 14-140mm (2nd. version) Zoom lens

Yesterday I slung my Panasonic G6 + 14-140mm over my shoulder, got on my bike and cycled off to take some photographs along and from the coast path / footpath / promenade / cycle route that goes from Sandbanks in Poole to the seaside resort of Bournemouth, on the Dorset coast. This is my favourite kind of cycling. Firstly, its very scenic plus of course being 'bracing' and ozone rich and secondly because routes like this are refreshingly free of Lycra clad time triallists, which is unfortunately one of the downsides of the UK becoming the most successful cycling nation.

The sun didn't last all day, which was probably a good job since I was a bit knackered, partly because I cycled back against the wind and secondly because I had to ride my wife's tricycle up a steep hill to get it back to the car. Her excuse was the gears had jammed. A likely story!

Some nice shots of people of a certain age trying not to be a burden to the National Health Service. The sand is imported by the way which considering the price of the houses in Sandbanks, home to the stars, lottery winners and Harry Redknapp (if you don't know who that is - look him up!), the cost of which is probably peanuts.

Later in the day it started to rain, and this morning is a write off, which gives me time to catch up on some editing and uploading. Tomorrow however is supposed to be sunny and warm again, so I'll have one more day of my late summer / early autumn trip.That's also the end of the cycling for this week. I did however spend last night checking out electric bikes and tried to get Ann my wife, to buy one of these. Check it out.

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