Sony A3000

Interesting release from Sony. An e-mount camera, without the NEX prefix. DSLR shape and cheap. Design wise like the Panasonic G series and Samsung NX. Its small and light, has 20MP and seems good value. However no OLED viewfinder, fixed screen and the biggest disadvantage of all, the Sony e-mount lens range. 

Sony have released a few more lenses also. A black 50mm f/1.8, another overpriced pretend Zeiss for $1000 and a huge and heavy (482g) 18-105mm 'video' lens with power zoom. 

To me, this is symptomatic of what is wrong with the NEX / e-mount system. Small light cameras and big lenses. I obviously can't comment on the quality of these, since I haven't used them, but though the e-mount lenses are decent enough and don't get the credit they deserve (they are mostly exceptionally well made) performance wise they do seem to lack something. It is however no surprise that this kind of camera and lenses are being released. There are heavy rumours that Sony is set to move away from its DSLT technology and turn the a series into e-mount. Perhaps the a3000 is a way of testing the response to this? The fixed mirror experiment always did seem somewhat of a gamble and abandoning the SLR design and going with that did seem somewhat of a halfway house. Why not just go for a complete mirrorless system in the first place? Certainly the loss of 1/3 to 1/2 stop of light gathering didn't help. 

So maybe this is a hint of what is to come. Like Panasonic and Olympus are Sony set to make mirrorless cameras only? And this a3000 may be what we can expect from many manufacturers in the future. Mirrorless cameras with all the advantages of that technology and weight saving on the inside and a conventional DSLR / SLR look on the outside. It does seem that the camera buying public is in no hurry to give up the conventional camera design thats been around for so long, so it may well be the case that Sony et al adopt an "if you can't beat them, join them attitude.' Certainly it would be interesting to see a larger DSLR designed camera with all the features of the a77 and an e-mount. Though it does mean that Sony are going to have to come up with a range of lenses that would work for that system and provide some genuine 'pro-spec' options. 

Still, as I said, interesting release.


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