PhotoMadd L-Plate Grip for the Fuji X-E1 - Pimp up your Fuji!!

Its not often that us Photographer / Scribblers take the initiative and turn entrepreneurial, but the blogger Matthew Maddock over at his blog - PhotoMadd has done just that. He has now opened up an online shop selling L-Plate grips for Fuji X cameras. This means that if you wanted one of these and live in the UK, you can now order one from him and not have to undertake the perils (and long waiting times) involved in buying one from another country. That includes (included) me. I ordered one on Thursday, it arrived yesterday, I put it on the camera and went out with it yesterday afternoon and I love it.

The pictures show my 'pimped-up' X-E1 in 'Stand back I'm a serious photographer' mode, complete with EF-X20 flash gun (really rather good and the subject of a future post) and the biggest lens I could bolt onto the camera, my Sigma 12-24mm zoom, Nikon fit via a Kipon adapter.

The grip is easy to fit, as it arrived in one piece pre-assembled. Two Allen keys are also provided. Screwing it into the tripod slot with a coin or screwdriver takes seconds and its ready to go. As you can see from the underside shot, it provides another tripod slot, this time more centred, and if you like it you can leave it on since there is access to the card / battery slot. This grip is so much better than the Fuji alternative. It gives a much more solid hold to the camera with spaces for your fingers and I found that I could go out with it yesterday without the need for a camera strap, which I generally dislike as they just get in the way. When not using it I was carrying the camera by holding the grip, which was very secure. I really have nothing but praise for it. It feels great and gives the camera a whole new feel. Its well made and very strong, I personally think it looks good, with a nice 'industrial' feel to it that blends very nicely with the retro look of the X-E1 and its relatively cheap. Matthew has them on special offer as an introductory offer and they are £99. Though last time I looked at the website everything, this, X-Pro 1 and X-100 /100s grips are all pretty much selling out, though you can still order at the introductory price and get yours when stock comes back in, which is in only a few days time. 

So a very good find and highly recommended. I'm hoping I can persuade Matthew to 'spill the beans' on where they are from and how he set this up. Plus I will enquire if there are plans for other products. I wonder if he has a source for the Metabones speed boosters?