Panasonic G6 14-140mm kit - Part 7 - High ISO Performance

Raw and jpg. files for download - HERE

So lots of positive comments so far, but here is a somewhat negative, though not unexpected, posting into my review of the Panasonic G6. High ISO performance has always been the achilles heel of m4/3. The GH3 and OM-D are somewhat better at this, though I must say I'm nowhere near as convinced by what those cameras can produce as others. Certainly, if I was doing a lot of low light work, a m4/3 camera would come pretty low on my list of cameras to use.

Unfortunately, the G6 doesn't even have the the performance of the two cameras mentioned above. We are back to the 'bad old days' of m4/3 here.

Here are some 100% blowups from the out of camera jpgs. available for download (together with the raw files) above.

Even at ISO 1000 the images are breaking up and by ISO 6400, there is hardly any fine detail left at all. I must say I was expecting better than this. I realise that those expectations have been raised by my prolonged use of the Fuji X-E1 and Leica X-Vario, but considering the relatively small difference in sensor size between the cameras, and remember the Leica has a 'conventional' bayer sensor as well, surely Panasonic could have come up with something better than this? Or have they come to the decision that the G6 really is an outdoors camera first and foremost.

Anyway, whatever I think, you can have a look at the samples and decide for yourselves.

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