Panasonic G6 14-140mm kit - Part 5 - Video - GH3 'mistake'

A brief test video with the G6 and 14-140mm lens. Shot with manual focus, using the peaking. All at 14mm and wide open f/3.5. Manual aperture and shutter speeds also. Shot at 1080/60p.

If you have a fast enough internet connection do watch it at full HD, because the quality is just superb. And since this is all hand-held, I think you will see just how good the OIS stabilisation in the lens is as well.

All of this G6 reviewing is making me realise that I made a mistake when I sold the GH3 I bought in the winter. I had it relatively briefly and used it hardly at all. I don't think I even shot any video with it. There were reasons. Firstly it was one of the worst winters I can remember. Cold and above all, dull. The sun hardly came out over a period of 4-5 months. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, I had a bad winter, health wise. I had a virus that caused fatigue and aching and a cough that stayed with me from November until April. It did become a cause for concern and I was tested and scanned for all sorts of things with long names and dire consequences. In the end it turned out to be anaemia caused by my changing my diet and loosing weight. A course of Iron supplements and a 'boxers diet' of steak and eggs brought me back to full health, but during that period I had little enthusiasm for going out with a camera, though I did do it on the rare occasions that the sun came out. Thirdly, I was surprised by a larger than expected tax bill and needed to raise some cash quickly.

The GH3 arrived in the middle of all that and to a large extent got ignored. I sold it on quickly and I got a good price for it, but I've always regretted it. We all respond to things when we have to and in hindsight can see that we should have done something different. Looking at the quality of the images I'm producing with the G6 and seeing just what it can produce in terms of video is leading me to the conclusion that I may well try a GH3 again. Since the current price is pretty much what I sold mine for, its not a question of loosing much money and I really would like to explore what it can do for video.

Going back to the G6, thats no slouch either. For a lot of purposes its just as good as the GH3 and certainly one of the best results I've ever got shooting video. Plus even though there is no in-body stabilisation as in the Olympus OM-D (s) the lens stabilisation in the 14-140mm is pretty much the equal of that. So all in all a splendid little camera. Who needs an E-M1??


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