Fuji X-E1 + Sigma 12-24mm

Its not pretty. In fact its ugly, heavy, huge and difficult to use, but the Sigma 12-24mm takes a great picture on the Fuji X-E1.

The problem with the lens in use, apart from the fact that its 600g, without the adapter, is that even with focus peaking it takes a while to focus. Wide-angles like this, particularly at the 12mm end, have an awful lot in focus anyway. Since I use it stopped down, around f/8 to f/11 I would guess, because using a Nikon G adapter with a ring that changes the aperture isn't that precise, the white shimmering peaking indicator covers a lot of ground. In actual fact I got a 100% success rate, but it does take a while moving the focusing ring on the lens around to see just what and how much I wanted in focus. With the peaking on the X-E1, the middle (x3) magnification is the most pronounced for the peaking effect and thats what I used most of the time.

But while its not that easy and certainly not that quick, the results were worth it. Its a shame that the Fuji 10-24 f/4 lens is not going to be available until the end of the year, since that would certainly make life easier, and offer a faster aperture and a wider view. 

However in terms of the images it produces the Sigma zoom is very useful and for the kind of subjects I use it on and the way I use it, it should make a handy stop gap. 

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