Whats on the shelf

Due to some astute financial management (on the part of my wife Ann, not me I should make very clear!) it seems I will be able to keep all of the above. This is a great plus as I was finding it almost impossible to decide what to keep and what to sell. And this unlike some previous on the shelf pictures, is a collection of cameras and lenses I really like working with. There are no also-rans here, no making up the numbers items that I have to force myself to use. I'm off to the South Coast on Saturday and I'm trying to decide what to take. Currently I want to take them all!

All of the cameras have virtues and disadvantages and are good at certain things, not so good at others. But this is a collection that I enjoy using and deciding what to take when I go out shooting is very difficult. The lenses are also a pleasure to use and deliver great results. Mostly Nikon, which can be used on five of the cameras, but the Voigtlander 90mm, Fuji and Leica zooms are top class. Do I need them all? - of course not, Do I want them all? - Absolutely.