Truth, Lies and the Photographic Internet - Responses

As promised - here are some of the responses that I got for my post -

Firstly, thank you for the comments and the support. Secondly, I have taken note of what has been said here and I will be proceeding accordingly.

Sami Paju
29 Jun 2013
Have you considered that maybe the viewpoint you have is one of the top reasons people enjoy reading your blog (that and the photos themselves, which at least to me serve as inspiration and gets me excited to go shoot some of my own)?

If indeed everything revolves around the gear, as you say, wouldn't you agree that a blog that goes against the grain is a breath of fresh air, and might actually attract those people who care more about photos themselves than what was used to create them?

However - and I think you've also said something like this yourself - we both are enthusiastic about photography and gear is part of it, no matter what. Whether you use a TLR or SLR or DSLR, you find gearheads everywhere, but you also find people who are truly passionate about the photos they make with what they got.

My friends know that photography is a big thing for me. They also come to me for gear tips. Even though specs matter, I always tell them to try out the camera first. Feeling is important - and not just the way it feels on your hand, but does it inspire you to go out and shoot? Do you get excited to take photos from just looking at the camera?

Because no matter how much you care about the photos themselves and how little you care about what is used to make them, those photos will not get made unless you find that feeling, and gear plays a part there. Try find that feeling with a mobile phone... You talk about frustration with some cameras, or the pain of having to haul a ton of gear. That's when the feeling is missing, if you know what I mean.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I think you underestimate what your readers care about, and what it is that drives many of us photographers (well, I don't really even care to call myself that. I am simply someone who enjoys taking photos and seeing the result of something I made. Something that is uniquely me - although quite often you could probably say it's a copy of something else out there ;) But hey at least I know I was the one who pressed the shutter! No one can take that from me.) to create images.

Maybe the folks who ramble and rave and piss about gear are an insignificant minority, and there are many more of us who don't participate in the discussion because simply put; we do not care. However, what I do care about is seeing the photos you take and reading your thoughts and opinions. It helps me become better at what I care about, which is creating images. Sometimes reading what you have to say about gear helps me achieve that, many times it is something completely different.


Roger Tyas
30 Jun 2013
Photography, cameras, digital technology and the internet are still a fascinating voyage of discovery for all.
There is much to discourage qualified opinion which we all savour in the quest for knowledge and those of us who really care for honest interpretations can readily distinguish a practical judgement from someone that enjoys the challenge as opposed to a high proportion of gibberish that slips through.

It's quite sad that many of our little camera shops and their obliging staff have virtually disappeared along with that 'personal touch' now consigned to history.

There is more than the internet factor which has bought about the closure of many high street shops today as our areas become ghost towns.
Part of it is merely down to lack of funds and general spend as a result of job errosion and the rise of satellite superstores that sell everything which includes banking & insurance, etc.
Just sheer greed ... they'd open Christmas day too!

Without straying off topic; there are only certain blogs and websites that are worth taking note of to discerning peoople and as such, I regularly enjoy your comments with  accompanying pictures which I'm sure you enjoy putting together.
Quality technique and opinion will always win over much of the drivel which we see.

Relating to having to travel to see and hold a Leica; I had to go into B'ham (Jessops) to physically look what an OMD felt like last December.
Here's wishing you many more great blogs and discoveries for the forseeable future.

Kind regards.

Larry Alford
29 Jun 2013
I agree with you 100%, continue doing what makes you happy, making photos.

David Jefferis
30 Jun 2013
I have just recently started reading your post.  It took a few days, but I realize that you take photos for the joy of photography regardless of the equipment used.  I agree with your assessment described here.  I hope you will continue to share your knowledge, but if you need the change, then I will understand.

Hank K
30 Jun 2013
1)  As you said, you are still getting great enjoyment out the bike rides and the taking of scenic photographs.  This is not a small thing -- one should continue to savor these times.  I believe that you get totally focused, in the now, and in the "zone".

2)  I am not sure if you fully appreciate the value of your daily diary sharing, be it of photos, techniques,evaluations or feelings.  This diary brings a lot for many of us.  You have a gift not just in photography as a art form but in writing.  Another one of the pleasures in life is giving gifts, be it sharing of photos, knowledge, or feelings. That is what you are doing with your daily diary. It keeps me interested, teaches me much, and helps me overcome the low points in my photographic pursuits.  The diary is work but is a valuable gift appreciated by so many (how many million hits).

3)  I could not think of a better and more satisfying way to use ones time in life.

Peter Nadort
30 Jun 2013
David good story, I only take pictures, walking around everywhere I like it. Coming home, sits behind my computer, develop the picture and enjoy it. Really nothing else. Just happy with MY pictures. Taken with my camera and only for my joy. Regards, peter

Alan B
Yesterday 10:03
I find your blog an excellent read and the photographic internet would be a lesser place without it.