Sigma mirrorless interchangeable lens system coming?

Could this possibly be what it seems to be? Have Sigma finally decided to come up with an interchangeable lens system for the DP Merrills? Despite saying that they wouldn't do it, maybe they will. It can't actually be that hard. They have the sensor, the amazing Foveon 14MP unit, and they have the lenses that they have been releasing for other systems already. It can't be rocket science for a company like this to separate out the lenses from the DP1, 2 & 3 bodies and add a lens mount. 

Certainly I got frustrated with the single-lens compact concept and didn't really want to carry around 3 different cameras. I and many others always thought they were missing a opportunity by not going for a modular system. It could well be a possibility. With the new management in place and a series of very well recieved products in the last year, the company does seem to getting its act together. Imagine a DP Merrill body with 19mm, 30mm and 50mm lenses plus an adapter that lets you use lenses like the 18-35mm f/1.8 zoom or 35mm f/1.4 in front of the Foveon sensor. There would I'm sure be lots of quality geeks, including this one, who would be VERY interested in something like that. I doubt they have got the sensor to be any better at high ISO's and there is always the fact that you need at least 4 batteries for a days shooting, but I guess we could always fantasise that they have fixed both of those. Again its not that hard to fix the battery issue. An optional battery grip with space for four of them (the batteries are very small) would help out there. 

Going to be interesting to see what they come up with in four days time.