Nikon 1 V1 - The camera with amphetamines in its DNA!

Its been a while since I used one of my V1's and I'd forgotten just how fast they are to use. Plus once again the smile was back on my face. (With the Leica X Vario, I get more of a warm glow all over!)

I've been mulling over which cameras to sell to pay for the Leica, since I can't afford to keep them all much as I'd like to, and had virtually decided on the two Nikon DSLR's. But an afternoon shooting with the V1 and 6.7-13mm and 30-110mm lenses has made me think again. I really enjoy using these Nikon 1 cameras, particularly since I've decided to shoot lots more 'editorial' images. i.e. recognisable people with no model release and logos and signs and basically all the stuff that shows real human beings and real life are involved somewhere. 

I've said it before, but these cameras have the picture 'in the can' microseconds after I've seen it. Its a great way to work and its fun and it pushes me. If they can ever get more pixels and lower noise out of this 1'' sensor then it may well take over the photographic world. Small, light cameras with great image quality (in daylight) blindingly fast to focus and get the image, great colour, amazing dynamic range and exhilarating to use. Whats not to like?

Yes folks, the Nikon 1 V1 is back!