New Fuji X and Nikon 1 communities on Google+

There are some pedantic and mean-spirited people on Google+. I've already been thrown out of the Fuji X community for posting links to this blog, now I've had my marching orders from the Nikon 1 community for the same thing. 

So I've started my own.

Fuji X Photographers

Nikon 1 Photographers

As I put in the introduction to each group -
'An open-ended and open-minded community for anyone who uses the system to create pictures. Post your images, links, opinions snd stories here.'

The important thing here is freedom to post. You can post links to your own blogs, your pictures, your views or anything connected with either camera system. The only rules are:-
Keep it Clean
Keep it Civilised

The keywords for these groups are open-minded and photographers. If you want something other than a matey sewing circle with moderators who seriously need to get a life, then I'll see you there.