Fuji X Sensor - raw files. Is this the real deal? (At last!)

Lots of people enthusing about Iridient Developer for processing Fuji X raw files so I decided to try it out as there is a trial you can download with a watermark. It does actually work very well, though has two disadvantages. Firstly its Mac only and Secondly for what it is, its expensive.

However this is the best so far. Better than Silkypix, Photsoshop / Lightroom and Aperture. Sharp images with little noise and no green foliage mush.

The second example above has the Iridient version in the middle and the Photoshop ACR version at the bottom. You will clearly see how much more detail and sharpness there is in the Iridient Developer version, which is just from the X-E1 preset. The ACR file has sharpening added but still produces a softish 'smeared' result. The advantage of Iridient Developer over Aperture is that it is slightly sharper and still keeps the colour noise and moire under control. If you have a Fuji X camera and a Mac, give it a try. I think you will be impressed.

From the Iridient Website.
'Iridient Developer is a powerful RAW image conversion application designed and optimized specifically for Mac OS X. Iridient Developer gives advanced photographers total control over every aspect of their digital camera's output, yet still provides easy drag and drop batch conversion and access to basic adjustments for the casual user. Thanks in part to Dave Coffin's work on the open source RAW decoding program dcraw, RAW developer is able to support files from over 400 RAW capable digital camera models!! Note that although we do use portions of dcraw for decoding RAW image files, essentially the entire image processing pipeline is completely unique to RAW Developer this includes the demosaicing algorithms used for all cameras based on RGB color filters (which is nearly all of them), all color management operations, all other processing adjustments, sharpening, noise reduction and final file format conversion.'