Chapeau (Again!)

Nothing to do with photography, but yesterday was a great day to be a British sports fan. Giving the Aussies a seeing-too at cricket (and we've been on the end of a few of those!) and Chris Froome winning the Tour de France (Shame Lee blew it again, it would have been a nice hat-trick). 

The cycling is a bit like the old bus joke. You wait ages for a British winner (in a British Team) to come along and then you get two at once. Chapeau to Froomey and the rest of the Sky team. Sir Chris? Along with Sir Bradley, Sir Dave, Sir Andy and Sir Chris (Hoy). I'm no fan of the honours system but Chris Froome certainly deserves it more than some money grabbing useless tosser of a banker. And he certainly deserves it more than anyone involved with our pathetic football teams. (Men, Women, under-21's, under-23's, you name it) See previous comment about money-grabbing useless etc.