Some common sense on the Leica X Vario

My new Leica camera announcement fever is almost over, and I've administered the antidote of editing a few Nikon D800E files! I would recommend that anyone who is interested in the camera (either negatively or in the seemingly rare case - positively) to read this review by Jonathan Slack, someone who I always have a lot of time for. His comments, by someone who has actually been using the camera for 6 months, are probably worth more than all of the other chatter put together. (Including mine) Do read the whole thing, but there are two bits I felt I had to bring your attention to.

'it seems to me that at the very least Leica have produced an interesting modern take on a popular design strategy.'

'Who Is It For?

Well, it isn’t for those who were hoping and expecting competition for the Sony RX-1. Actually, I suspect it isn’t for anyone who spends much time on internet photo forums.

I think it’s directed at busy people who are good at photography, but who have better things to do than read 35 page camera reviews. Someone who understands all about shutter speed and aperture, but hasn’t a clue about scene modes, and doesn’t want to know about them either. Someone who has shot film in the past, and would like a comprehensible digital camera which allows them to shoot manually or automatically, without having to worry about interchangeable lenses and everything that entails. '