Nikon 28mm and 85mm f/1.8G lenses on Fuji X-E1

All images - Fuji X-E1 and Nikon 28mm & 85mm f/1.8 lenses

Now here is a surprise. Totally unexpected and a real bonus. I decided to try two of my new G Nikons on my Fuji X-E1. More because I probably thought I should than anything else. I didn't expect much and was really stunned when I saw just how good the images were. I had taken a few tests round the garden and decided I needed to investigate this further. I therefore drove a few miles from my home to one of my favourite locations to get some shots in the very nice early evening light. Again they were excellent. The X-E1 absolutely loves these lenses. With a Nikon G adapter its difficult even to guess at what the aperture might be, but many of these are close to wide open.

I've been trying to get a pin sharp stock shot of these local trains for ages and to finally achieve it with a MF lens is something I didn't expect. I also really love the shot of these two retired shire horses, the out of focus areas are gorgeous, giving the picture a real large-format camera feel. 

The whole look of the images is really pleasing and they process well in both Photoshop and Aperture. Nobody talks much about how lenses render colour, but these create a really nice richness and depth. 

The other great thing is that both are the best I've used on a Fuji for focusing. Both have quite stocky barrels and there is quite a lot of play in the focusing ring. Rather than a handicap both of these factors make focusing much easier than with my Voigtlander, for example, which has a narrow barrel and not much play in the focusing ring which makes it easy to pass the point of focus, which slows me down. These Nikons snap into sharp focus on the Fuji EVf so the whole process is therefore much quicker and easier.

Now I've said it before, and yes here it comes again, Nikon are the best lens makers, because rather than make their lenses look sexy (and if you see the 85mm on the Fuji it is nowhere near a thing of beauty) they make their lenses work well when you want to take pictures with them. These pictures are without doubt, the nicest I've got from a Fuji camera, and there is no way that I would have predicted that. I was going to post my experiences with the three G Nikons I've bought on one of my V1's, but that will have to wait until tomorrow now. 

There is more sun tomorrow and I know what I'm going to be using because I just have to try these combinations again.