I'm having a moratorium on writing posts. Firstly because I'm in the middle of some heavy duty editing and secondly because I'm wondering where to take the blog, or indeed whether I want to continue with it. Apart from responding to announcements like the Leica X Vario and posting pictures I've taken, I've been struggling lately to come up with anything that isn't, more or less, a recycling of something I've written previously. I've also been thinking about what I'm doing photographically and my pictures seem to be following the same pattern as the blog posts.

Its all Jono Slacks fault! In his excellent piece on the Leica X Vario he wrote this, which I referred to before.

'.....busy people who are good at photography, but who have better things to do than read 35 page camera reviews. Someone who understands all about shutter speed and aperture, but hasn’t a clue about scene modes, and doesn’t want to know about them either. Someone who has shot film in the past, and would like a comprehensible digital camera which allows them to shoot manually or automatically, .......'
There are elements in there that resonated very strongly with me and its lead me in all sorts of different directions, the synthesis of which might be summed up as - 

Taking photographs and the ownership of particular items of photographic equipment shouldn't be 'competitive', but it seems it is and I'm a photographer not a gear reviewer. 

I need some time to mull this over along with some other concerns and I'd rather do that privately rather than publicly. I'll be back when I've found some answers and made some decisons as to where to go from here. I have no idea when this might happen or how long it will take so I can't really say when I'll start writing again. It might be a few days, it might be longer, but I feel that I don't wan't to write anything until I've clarified what I want to do and how I want to do it. So I'm taking a break. I will however continue to post pictures.