Leica X Vario Typ 107 - Whats going on here then? Is the X-Vario sensor minus an AA filter?

As is usual whenever I get a new camera I run it through my DCRaw software package Rawker (Sadly no longer being updated) to see what the 'raw' Raw files are like. Doing that with the X Vario files provided an interesting result and an intriguing question.

As you will see above the Rawker conversion produced a file from the X vario at 18mm with more 'real estate' round the edges, some distortion and some slight vignetting in the corners. They are also larger (by .3MB) Neither the jpg. or an ACR conversion in Photoshop shows this. This means that there is some software 'correction' on the 18-46mm lens in both the OOC camera jpgs. and Adobe raw conversions. 

However there is something further. The rawker files are slightly noisier, have some moire here and there and are visibly sharper than the Photoshop conversions and jpgs. In fact after some editing and sharpening in Photoshop, they are incredibly sharp.

So what does this mean? From previous experience, higher colour noise, moire and increased sharpness usually means one thing for a sensor. It doesn't have an AA filter. Certainly the Rawker results look VERY similar to what I've seen in the past from the non-AA filtered cameras I've used. So does this throw up the intriguing possibility that the X Vario has a sensor without an AA filter and that Leica, via Adobe ACR are using a software filtering system? 

I posted some raw files yesterday and I'd be interested to read what anyone who uses DCRaw raw conversion software thinks.