Leica Mini M specs. comparison + jpg. samples.

If the specs. here are correct - Source - PhotoRumors

Leica Mini M - lens included. Weight - 679g. 133x73x95. Presumably with the lens taken into consideraton.

Fuji X-E1 + 18-55mm zoom. Weight - 660g. 129x75x38. With no lens. Add in the zoom and you get 139x82x98

Leica M Typ 240 - Body Only. Weight - 680g. 139x80x42. With no lens.

Leica X2 - Lens included. Weight - 345g. 124x69x52. Lens included.

So as heavy as a Leica M body. Twice as heavy as Leica X2. Slightly heavier, though smaller than a Fuji X-E1 + 18-55mm zoom. Perhaps we can now see why on the Leica teaser ads. they place it between the M series and the X2. 

Its certainly not light, and not really that small. I assumed it would be an updated X2, but it seems not. Will the camera have a metal body and lens? It would make sense if those weight specs. are right. Is it more a less an M body minus the rangefinder assembly? which would mean less weight and size.

Whatever turns up on Tuesday, it seems a plastic super compact isn't what's coming, though maybe plastic is getting heavier these days!. 

There are now some jpg. samples HERE from Jono Slack who Leica use to shoot test shots. All I would say, since these are jpgs. is that these are significantly better than the jpgs. I got from either the X1 or X2 and there is a shot at ISO 500 that looks like ISO 100 on all my current cameras, and yes that includes the Fuji.

First thing to notice is its an odd ratio, well actually its 40:26.  Second thing the specs. say 16.5 MP. 4928 x 3264.  A Fuji X-E1 file is 4896 x 3264. A NEX-6 file is 4912 x 3264. So is it a Sony sensor? The X1 and X2 certainly were. But then there are the Leica statements that they intend to source as much as they can from Europe, so is this a Belgian Cmosis sensor? Thirdly, the specs. say battery life is 350 shots, which is not many. But then the final weight spec. says 'inc. batteries' is the plural just a mistake or is there more than one? 

So intriguing for some of us not bothered about showing how wise our current purchases are, or finding a way to rubbish the camera unseen, because we can't afford one. As I said before I loved the X1 & X2 apart from the fixed lens, so perhaps I have more interest in the mini (or the Leica X Vario Type 107 as its snappily called!!) than others. All I would say as well is that I've never owned a Leica camera (That they made and not just franchised) that has disappointed me or after taking my tax allowances into consideration has cost me money, so the Type 107 (No, it needs a better name than that!!) may well suit me, if the quality and particularly the colour of the jpgs. are like the final production versions.

However there is one more thing that does puzzle me. A f/3.5-6.4 lens. Now what is that all about? Those are almost compact micro sensor camera specs. Leica know a thing or two about making lenses, so there has to be a reason for the odd apertures and the slowness of the telephoto end of the zoom. All of course will be revealed on Tuesday.