FUJI X-E1 and LEICA X VARIO Comparisons - 3. Upsizing and the 'mush' issue.

Since its now possible to upsize files dramatically in Photoshop CC, I decided to see how both camera lens combinations looked when enlarged to the equivalent of a 36MP file.

As you can see, pretty impressive results from both.

However the 'mush' 'watercolour effect' with the Fuji X Trans sensors, though greatly improved, is still an issue in Photoshop, which obviously has to be used if any upsizing of this kind is required.

Here is how that looked.

These are the two combinations at their normal size - 16MP

And below, both upsized to 36MP.

The Leica is slightly better at sorting out the diiferent shades of green and leaf detail in what is a very complex image. However it is only visible at these huge magnifications, however it is worth pointing out that the more sharpening is applied to a Fuji X file the worse it gets. 

Overall I think Its more important to state yet again what this new Photoshop feature is capable of. In all these enlargements, the usual noise and artefacts just aren't there. The differences will be impossible to spot in any 'real world' publication, either print or electronic.